Welcome to Meridian Exchange Corporation

Meridian Exchange Corporation is a Sub-S Corporation with companies doing business as: Diane Dopson Properties, Bee Creek Realty, Meridian Mortgage and Ad Valorem Analysts. The corporation was formed in 1993 and the subsidiaries have followed over the years. Additionally in 2008 Meridian Exchange Corp. became the sole stockholder of Meridian Property Management LLC.

The focus of Meridian Exchange has been real estate and related business. The original idea naming the company was to be non descript but indicate a place where things are done. A meridian suggests a place and exchange suggests an action. So, Meridian Exchange is a place where action occurs. Throughout the company’s history loans for others have been placed, sold and restructured. During its infancy loan brokerage was a key part of the day to day business.

The ad valorem tax consulting business has consistently been a part of the Company bringing a stable of clients and properties for tax purposes from the days prior to Meridian Exchange.

In the late 1990’s the Texas Legislature established a requirement that all mortgage brokers in Texas be licensed and the result was the formation of Meridian Mortgage.

Diane Dopson Properties opened its doors in 2001, while Bee Creek Realty was purchased in late ’01. Most recently the property management company was formed in 2008 to assist existing clients with management of their real property assets. Owner Association management for subdivisions and condominiums or town homes is the most recent venture for the company.

The website for each of the above named companies is: